How do you deal with a pigeon problem on balcony? As pigeons can ruin your balcony and interfere with how you initially intended to use it, it’s very important that you know different ways to deal with them. These pesky birds carry the risk of diseases and parasites, but you have to solve the pigeon problem on balcony in a humane way. This applies to any of the over 300 different members of the pigeon family likely to be your uninvited “guests”.

Pigeon Problem on Balcony

Pigeon Problem on Balcony

These rabble-rousers with fine feathers can take over your balcony space and easily send you packing. Wherever they perch, you are sure to find droppings infested with bacteria and fungi. Within no time, your balcony is filthy and your window sills ill- ‘decorated’. Luckily, there are options to solve the pigeon problem

The Mess on Your Balcony 

These cousins of the morning dove come with destruction in their minds. The sticky nature of their droppings has been likened to that of tar. It is hard to remove from a surface once it sets in. Pigeon droppings are acidic and corrosive. The longer they stay on a surface, the more extensive the damage. Flies, rats and mice are attracted to pigeon droppings, and that is definitely not a good thing! 

Your intended quiet time at the balcony can turn into a nightmare filled with unpleasant smells and a swarm of flies. Children risk getting infected as they play. Your balcony becomes a health threat to the whole family, courtesy an uncontrolled flock of pigeons.

Doing Away with Pigeons 

  • Make a barrier on your balcony using a mesh screen. A string will also do but ensure it can withstand the elements. Tie the string above the balcony rail in such a way that the birds are unable to perch. 
  • Repellents made from gel are also effective as they make balcony rails slippery. Slipping discourages pigeons from perching. Consider the environmental effects of the repellant before use. Weather conditions are also likely to make the gel ineffective over time. Frequent reapplication is essential in keeping the pigeons away. 
  • Spikes available from pigeon control experts are also a good solution. They are safe for the birds and only discourage perching without injuring their feet. 
  • Using decoys is another good idea. They can be in the form of an owl, a hawk or snakes. Place the decoys strategically on the balcony. Wind chimes and balloons can also send the birds packing.

Cleaning up After Pigeons

Use a cleaner with antibacterial ingredients and bleach for stain removal. Choose environment-friendly products like chlorine, which is considered caustic-free. Be very careful when scrubbing the balcony area. Use water to rinse out the cleaner. A hose would be of great assistance when rinsing but first check with your building’s owner/management and make sure it’s allowed.

In Conclusion

The easiest way to handle pigeon problem on balcony is to create an unfavorable perching environment. Watch out as these relentless birds can just find another place within your home to nest.