Pigeons can be a nuisance. While most homeowners have little to no concern about a few birds sitting on top of their roof, they should be worried when they see pigeons. These troublesome birds can be quite destructive and their droppings and nests can compromise your roof’s integrity. Whenever you have a pigeons on roof problem, be sure to contact professionals to help you out. Professional pest control experts are well versed in humane pigeon removal and control.

Pigeons On Roof Problem

Dealing with Pigeons on Your Roof

Unlike commercial or business spaces, most homeowners don’t see pigeons as a significant threat, such as rodents or scorpions, for example. However, pigeons can do some serious damage even when they’re not inside your home. They’re noisy and their feces can carry diseases and attract other pests such as rats and flies to your property, leaving you with yet another problem.

Pigeon Droppings Are Bad for Your Roof

Pigeon droppings are naturally acidic. In fact, the acid content in their droppings is so strong that it can cause damage to most roofing materials.

If pigeon droppings are left to accumulate on your roof, they’ll add to the wear and tear experienced by your roof. And if your roof is already under assault from the elements, such as monsoon rains and the summer sun, then acidic droppings contribute to further deterioration. Pigeons can also be an issue if they are nesting under solar panels

Pigeons On Roof Problem

Pigeon Nests Block Water from Moving Off Your Roof

In addition to the problems caused by acidic droppings, pigeons will also build their nests in roof drains, rain gutters and corners. When it starts raining, the pigeon nests act as dams, resulting in the accumulation of water, debris and wastage.

Severe blockages can cause your roof to collapse as water continues to accumulate and debris on the roof can become overwhelming, forcing the roof to cave in. Pooled water is also not ideal for the structural integrity of your roof.

Pigeons Will Make A Mess of Your Home and Yard

If you’ve ever parked your car in a public area with pigeons and come back to a messy car, then you know that pigeons can be quite messy. Left unchecked, they’ll make a mess on your roof, your car, your landscaping as well as your yard.

Once you notice pigeons on your roof, act fast. There are several measures you can take on your own but hiring a professional can guarantee better results. Pigeon infestations should never be taken lightly. Given enough time, these birds can wreak havoc and cause serious roof and property damage.

Bottom Line

There’s no harm in trying a few home remedies to deal with your pigeons on roof problem. In fact, some home remedies are quite effective at getting rid of pigeons. However, if home remedies aren’t working, it’s important to call a professional pest controllers. A reputable pest control company will inspect your roof and assess the severity of the infestation before coming up with a long-term solution. It’s important to hire a company you can trust to do a good job.