While there’s plenty of options when it comes to dealing with pigeons, it’s crucial that you start by understanding the nature of the pigeon-related problem you’re experiencing. In order to come up with the best pigeon problems solutions, you must first understand why the birds are there in the first place.

Pigeon Problems Solutions

Pigeons present two main problems; the first is daytime perching where they’ll typically use your building as a vantage point to exploit a source or food. The other problem is breeding/overnight roosting where the birds are either roosting or breeding on your property. Rarely will you experience both problems on the same property.

TV Aerial

TV aerials offer an ideal perching facility for doves and other uninvited birds, particularly when they need to overlook domestic gardens. Pigeons will also often use aerials as a vantage point. This can present several problems ranging from soiled patio to slippage problems on wet excrement. There are plenty of DIY options out there but one of the most effective ways to deal with this problem is to purchase anti-roosting spikes. They’re often easy to install and won’t interfere with the TV reception.

Pigeon Problems Solutions

Chimney Stack

It’s not uncommon for pigeons to build nests in your chimney, which makes it critical to protect the stack itself. One of the most effective approaches to dealing with this problem is to mesh the entire chimney stack using galvanized steel mesh.

Accessing the roof to install the mesh can be dangerous so this method is only recommended for conventional two-story houses and once you’ve addressed all health and safety issues. However, you can also protect your chimney stack using anti-roosting spikes.

Pigeons also like to rest under solar panels. This can also be resolved by using anti-roosting spikes. 

Guttering and Hoppers

Pigeons will also often perch in guttering and may even build nests, compromising the structural integrity of your gutters and causing other problems such as overflowing and water ingress problems. If the pigeons perch on the leading edge of a gutter you may experience soiling issues on the patio/pathway areas and on the window sills directly below.

To deal with this issue, consider installing a rough triangle (or semi-circle) of galvanized steel mesh inside the gutter that will make it impossible or difficult for the pigeons to perch or nest. In addition to protecting your gutters from pigeons, this deterrent solution will also prevent the buildup of natural debris such as twigs and leaves while also allowing water to pass unrestricted.

Exposed External Pipework

Another common area pigeons like to roost overnight is on exposed pipework. Most pigeons will use exposed pipes for roosting and in some cases nesting, depending on the size of the pipe. For instance, the most straightforward method of stopping pigeons perching on horizontal pipework is to install a thin piece of plywood or other similar material. The trick is to install the plywood sloping over the pipe at an angle that will make it difficult for the pigeons to continue perching.

There are plenty of other pigeon problem solutions out there. Whether you have pigeons on your roof, in your garden, or on your window sills, start by understanding what makes your property attractive to the birds. Once you know why they’re there, you’ll have an easy time coming up with a permanent solution.