You noticed that your garage door doesn’t open and close properly, and it looks like a garage spring broke. Now you start wondering, “should I replace both garage door springs?” or perhaps, “how long do garage door springs last in the first place?”.

Once you have those questions in mind, you head to the local store to get some answers. The salesman may have advised you to replace both garage door springs, and this leaves you confused since you only plan replacing a garage door spring. Again you ask yourself, “should I replace both garage door springs?”. When it comes to replacement, it is necessary to replace both springs even if only one broke.

Understanding Garage Door Springs

Garage Spring Replace
Garage Spring Replace

Knowing how garage door springs work is like knowing how pool skimmers work. Some old homes use sliding, folding, or swinging doors, but the common sight you’ll see nowadays in most garages is the use of overhead doors with a track-and-roller system. Doors are expected to be heavy, may they be insulated metal or wood panels. An average garage door that measures 16 x 7 feet can weigh 280 pounds or more.

BBM Garage Door Repair in Houston says that there are two types of springs make the door easy to open and close by counterbalancing its weight. Torsion springs are mounted above the door on a long metal bar. The spring winds tightly when the door is closed and unwinds when the door is opened. Tension springs on either side of the overhead track are normally used for doors that are smaller and lighter in weight.

Replacing a Garage Door Spring

Tension Springs

A garage spring replace can be done as a DIY for tension springs. If you’re planning to replace tension springs, it is often advised to have both springs replaced. This is because the unbroken spring will surely have lost its full tension because of long usage. Replace both springs so an equal force can be applied to both sides of the garage door, making it open smoothly.

You may opt to adjust tension springs after installation by measuring the cable length and securing the springs to the track. Do this when the door is open so the springs are relaxed. A second cable may be installed inside the spring if it breaks or comes loose.

Torsion Springs

Replacing torsion springs is not as easy as fixing moving pavers. Only a skilled installer with a complete garage door spring replacement kit should install torsion springs because they have stored energy that can cause safety hazards when mishandled.

Replacing a Garage Door Spring
Replacing a Garage Door Spring

Never worry about paying for an expensive garage door torsion spring replacement cost just because you’re trying to save on a garage spring replace. Garage door torsion spring replacement cost won’t cost you a hundred bucks, and the convenience is worth it.

You now have cleared the question, “Should I replace both garage door springs?”. For spring repairs, consult a garage door expert so you can be guided on the garage door spring replacement kit for your garage door. The task is difficult and can be compared to doing repairs in a commercial building, so having a professional assist you is the best way to go.