How well a building is maintained is a reflection of an owner’s commitment to creating a positive space. Therefore, as part of a long-term tenant retention and keeping tenants satisfied, investors and business owners are fully aware that maintenance responsibilities are essential when leasing space to business tenants. You may need to install a commercial garage door, for instance. So, what repairs need to be done in a commercial building? Continue reading to know the most common repairs in one of the major types of construction.

What Repairs Need to Be Done in a Commercial Building
What Repairs Need to Be Done in a Commercial Building

Property Management Maintenance Responsibilities

Despite there are plenty of categories in terms of commercial property maintenance, it’s necessary to keep up with all of them and show excellence in the details in order to attract the best possible business tenants and retain them.

1. Routine Commercial Building Maintenance

Following and sticking with a schedule for attending some building repair aspects preserves the property and usually delays the need for major repairs. What repairs need to be done in a commercial building regularly?

– Landscaping, lawn care, and exterior upkeep every week

– Air filter changes every month

– Servicing of heating and air conditioning units every season

– Checking that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and their batteries are working properly periodically

Plumbing maintenance periodically

2. Scheduled Building Repairs

It’s important to schedule repairs as soon as possible when something breaks or doesn’t work properly. Major systems and the roof should be checked, repaired, or replaced as needed, and sometimes you may need to repair the leveling deck. Consider scheduling repairs such as:

– The property’s foundation

– Leaking roof

– Any additional major maintenance that could damage the property or compromise safety

3. Preventive Commercial Property Maintenance

Periodic inspections by management are essential to ensure the longevity of the asset and reduce expensive emergency maintenance. Despite the tenant is responsible for certain maintenance, verifying those services are performed provides you with protection from liability and also protects your investment. What repairs need to be done in a commercial building in a preventive fashion? Routine maintenance aspects include:

– Quarterly service of different HVAC systems

– Landscaping

Pest prevention

Commercial Property Maintenance
Commercial Property Maintenance

4. Emergency Maintenance

Although emergencies due to fire, water, and severe weather can still occur and cause major damage, your management team can keep emergencies under control if they have a plan in place. Being prepared to respond and address emergencies can reduce recovery times and costs considerably.

Despite having pigeons on your commercial property isn’t really an emergency, it could be an issue. However, being prepared means knowing how to get rid of pigeons in the case you need to.

5. Commercial Building Fire and Safety Code Compliance

Not only does the building have to satisfy state and local requirements for commercial construction, but it also has to be free of environmental hazards such as lead-contaminated dust, asbestos, lead paint, and chemical contaminants.

6. Commercial Property Remodeling or Construction

Planning and experience are required for asset improvement projects. Permit applications, business-specific requirements for occupancy, changes to the building codes, and ADA standards can impact the cost of a project significantly. A team with solid knowledge and strong industry connections could make the difference between finishing on-budget and on-time and a massive loss of income.

Improve Tenant Retention

To improve tenant retention and make it long-term, you can:

– Address tenant complaints and emergencies with prompt action

– Stay ahead of routine maintenance

– Forge strong relationships with trusted contractors so you can call them when needed

State Expectations in the Lease Agreement

Each party understanding which maintenance responsibilities belong to the owner and which belong to the tenant is crucial. Outline maintenance responsibilities in the lease agreements and leave no room for assumptions.

Tenant Responsibilities for Commercial Building Maintenance

As a business tenant, you must not:

– Do any major remodeling or remove walls without permission

– Be careless with the property

– Be unreasonable or difficult with the neighboring businesses

On the other hand, you should do the following unless outlined in the lease agreement:

– Clean and keep in good condition non-structural elements like bathrooms, lights, carpets, and fixtures

– Avoid negligent damage to the property

– Inform the owner of needed repairs and any mold growth in a timely fashion

– Leave the property clean and free from damage

– Finance the repairs if you cause property damage

Commercial Building Maintenance
Commercial Building Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance Companies

You can simplify commercial property management by delegating tasks to trusted commercial property maintenance companies that allow you to focus on growing your business and getting rid of the hassles of property management.