Knowing how to remove pigeons from roof can be quite hectic. They will be a daily nuisance, yet they don’t pay a dime for rent. It is time to think about driving them away. If you are having problems removing the pigeons from your roof, you are in the right place. This guide will help you to get rid of them. 

The Destructive Side of Pigeons

Pigeons are considered to be friendly birds. They are even domesticated in some places. However, when they infest a home, they are very destructive. Their droppings can destroy your roof, car, balcony, and basically any surface. Since the droppings are acidic, it explains why it gradually corrodes your vehicle paint. Besides, pigeon droppings have been found to cut down the life span of some types of roofs by half. 

Whether it be your balcony, roof and/or solar panels, it’s important to remove the pigeons before they get too comfortable. The droppings may attract flies, rats, and mice. Your house will become home to all manner of pests. Besides, the droppings may also destroy window seals and clog water gutters. Water accumulation in the gutters will reduce their lifespan.  Unfortunately, it will not be easy getting rid of the droppings. They are heavy and leave tar-like substance on the surfaces. 

How to Remove Pigeons from Roof

How to Remove Pigeons from Roof

To clear out these destructive birds, here are some pigeon problem solutions;

  • Try fastening a wind-chime, Mylar-balloons or balloons, aluminum foil pan or shiny rubber snakes in the infested area. Hold these items in place using a string on the rail of your balcony. 
  • Tying a Mylar balloon on the patio table and set an owl at a visible corner. This will help scatter the birds away. 
  • Anti-roosting spikes may help drive away the birds. The spikes create a surface where the pigeons cannot perch. This often serves as a pigeon long-term and sure bet solution for discouraging pigeons from perching. 
  • If you are in a rented place, commercial gel-repellent may be your ideal solution. The gel makes the surface sticky, tacky, and slippery. This surface makes it difficult for rock pigeons to perch. However, it is a short-term solution because you will have to keep reapplying the gel after a few weeks. 
  • Try creating a barrier on your balcony by using a weather-proof string. This will make your balcony an uncomfortable landing spot for the birds. Fixing a mesh screen on the rail of your balcony will also prevent the entry of the birds. 
  • Ensure your trash is in enclosed containers. Also, feed your pets indoors. Any food particles will often attract pigeons. 
  • Organic homemade deterrents can be effective in scattering these birds. Spread strong spices such as cayenne pepper, chili powder, black pepper and cinnamon around your window seals, patio and any pigeon-friendly area. 
  • Eliminate all pigeon-friendly areas in your residence. This could be vents and large gaps. Cover such areas with mesh to prevent them from creating their dwelling. 
  • Ultrasonic devices are another effective way of scattering these destructive birds. This method uses ultrasound technology to confuse the birds. The sonic effect of this technology scatters the birds. This method is popular in commercial building and agricultural businesses. 

In Conclusion

Pigeons are destructive and a nuisance when they infest your residence. Lucky for you, knowing how to remove pigeons from roof should no longer be a problem. The methods discussed above can help you get rid of them. These are humane ways of preventing pigeons from setting camp in your residence.