Getting rid of pigeons from your house can be tough. They often congregate in large flocks, damaging different areas of the home. These birds are often a nuisance because of their nesting habits, and the fact that you can easily have many uninvited pigeons roosting on your home. Here are a few pigeon control methods to bear in mind.

Pigeon Control Methods

This post highlights a few tips on how to keep pigeons away. It includes everything from pigeon proofing to using live traps.

Wind Chimes

Pigeons are very sensitive to sounds and are startled by loud noises. You can make use of household items to scare them away. For instance, hanging wind chimes near the area where pigeons are nesting will keep them away. The noise from the wind chimes will irritate them. While this method is effective, you’ll need several chimes if you’re dealing with many pigeons. Using too many chimes, on the other hand, can make your home very noisy.

Live Traps

Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeons cannot resist access to food, so if you put a few pigeons in a live trap with food, you can expect others to come. Live traps can be very effective at dealing with pigeons if done right. These traps are usually metal cages with varying colors and they include one door. Nonetheless, there are different types of traps. A simple trap will be inexpensive. This method will only be effective If the pigeons have just recently settled on your property because the trapped birds, when released, will find their way back to your home even from long distances.

Pigeon Proofing

Another useful solution for a pigeon infestation is to block off their nesting areas. They like to build their nests on flat surfaces but the nests can also be difficult to find. Block off all entry points to limit the chance of pigeons nesting on your property. For instance, close off spaces above ledges, window sills, rails and rafters. Consider putting wire mesh around the vents, eaves and gutters around your premises. While mesh and wire can be effective at preventing pigeons from nesting, you have to compromise your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Mylar Balloons and Fake Owls

If done right, using other predators to scare off pigeons can be quite effective. For instance, placing a hawk or large plastic owl in different areas of your property can keep pigeons away. Keep the pigeons guessing by moving the statue around in different areas. You don’t want the pigeons to catch on to the fake owl so make sure it’s not stationary for a long period of time. Consider getting a scarecrow that shows some movement, such as one that rotates the head when the wind blows. Alternatively, you can tie bright silver Mylar balloons to scare away the pigeons.

Bottom Line

Once pigeons move into your property, they take over everything. If you’ve tried the pigeon control methods above and you’re still facing a pigeon problem on your balcony, you may be better off hiring a pigeon control company. These experts can implement a plan that will effectively deal with pigeons.

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