When replacing your door springs, it’s important for you to get the correct size and type. That makes how to measure garage door torsion springs something that you should know. Remember that using the wrong spring to replace the old one will have adverse effects to the operation of your door.

How to Measure Garage Door Torsion Springs

A garage door works by having the torsion springs wind and unwind to open and close it. This post has it all together for you about replacing torsion springs. It will guide you on how to find the right replacement. Moreover, you will know how to determine the winding direction and why that really matters. There is so much more for you here. Keep reading. 

How to Measure Garage Door Torsion Springs

Identifying the right torsion spring

You will not just pick any spring you find in your local store. There is a criterion you should follow to get the right replacement. Here are the steps you should follow;

  • Determining Winding Direction: the first thing you want to know is the spring’s wind direction. It is easy to get that figured out. Look keenly at the top end of the spring and determine the direction it points. If it is aligned to a clockwise direction, it is a left wind. If it is pointing in a counter-clockwise direction, then you are looking at a right wind. 
  • Wire Size: The coils are typically 10 or 20. Go on and measure their length and compare it with the chart. You will determine the wire size of the spring you are trying to replace. 
  • Interior diameter: the standard internal diameter for torsion springs is 1/16 inches. Make sure you get that right before you purchase anything. 
  • Spring’s Length: The overall length of the spring will also play a crucial role in your decision. When measuring the springs, round up to the nearest quarter of an inch. 

With that information at your disposal, you are going to make the right decision. 

Why it Matters to get the Spring Winding Direction Right?

You could be asking why you should bother with determining the wind direction. Well, it matters because that is what helps your door work properly. For the door to raise and lower, the springs must turn in a certain direction. This has to be strictly followed for your safety and the functioning of the door. Replacing the door spring with a wrong wind will not only destroy the door, but will necessitate costly repairs. 

When you contact door repair services, be ready with the winding information. It helps in getting the right replacement for your springs. You should also know the side of the bar which the spring appears. Besides, the color of the end parts should also point you into the right decision. 

In cases where the spring is broken, it may not be easy to determine the length and wire size. Try as much as possible to assemble the broken pieces and see if you can measure it normally. 

To Summarize

When it is time for repairs and replacement, knowing how to measure garage door torsion springs will help you make the right purchase. You can also seek the help of a garage door specialist to ensure the new springs are installed correctly. Follow the easy steps discussed here and your door will work as good as new. Remember to determine the wind direction before buying anything.