During cold weather, many people opt to stay indoors to watch the latest movie or TV series while keeping warm. What about during the warmer weather though? When we all come out to play during the summertime, there is bound to be other critters flying and crawling around that’ll accompany us. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide on how to keep bugs away outside so that they’re not pestering you when you’re enjoying some fresh air.

how to keep bugs away outside

Keeping Bugs Away Outside

Always Cover Food and Drinks

With a lot of outdoor outings, we often leave food and drink out. Since bugs tend to gravitate towards the smell of food, it’s best to always keep these covered if they’re not being used. It will prevent any bugs from touching your food and drink, or even worse, get into it.

Choose the Light Bulb

It goes without saying that bugs swarm around lights at night. Well, that tells you that they love the light bulb you have in your home and that’s why they spend time from minutes to hours swarming around. According to research, the light bulb we use at home attracts bugs but if we change to warm LED light bulb, we will definitely be able keep bugs away.

Keep Your House Clean

All of us like living in clean houses, but dirt is inevitable — especially if you have children or pets. When children are eating, they tend to leave remnants of food behind on furniture and the floors. Bugs love food — especially sweeter foods, and once they locate it in your house, they come in large numbers. Therefore, if you want to keep bugs away, keep your house tidy, especially in the kitchen and dining room.

Keep Away from Sweat

One of the many reasons why people tend to get bitten and swarmed by more often in the summertime is because bugs are attracted to sweat. Are you surprised? The sweaty skin that’s so unpleasant to people is like a pizza to the mosquitoes. When humans sweat, they release hormones and scents that are very attractive to mosquitoes. Therefore, if you want to keep mosquitoes away, shower more regularly during the summer or after a workout and wear light clothes.

Place Chopped Onion in Water

Did you know that onions are not only good to have in your dishes, but they also do a good job at repelling bugs away outside. That’s why many people chop onions and leave them in a cup or bowl filled with water near their doors to keep mosquitoes away. The reason behind this is that mosquitoes usually find onions unpleasant and they will not get anywhere that smells onion.

Bottom Line

Bugs are a nuisance and in most cases, people tend to invest in bug repellent which may not be 100% effective. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips on how to keep bugs away outside, naturally. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside while also feeling rest assured that you won’t be pestered by bugs.


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