When bed bugs infest your home, you can hardly have adequate sleep. These pests know how to take away your peace of mind. The only thing you will be thinking about is how to eliminate the bed bugs for good. After you have the treatment to drive them out, one question will be lingering at the back of your mind. Can bed bugs be completely eliminated? A lot of people hope the answer to this question is yes.

Can Bed Bugs Be Completely Eliminated?
Can Bed Bugs Be Completely Eliminated?

Can Bed Bugs Be Completely Eliminated?

Well, this post will be answering your burning questions about bed bugs. It will tell you if you can completely eliminate bed bugs. You will also know what factors affect how soon you can completely eliminate the infestation to the last bug. 

Is it Possible to Completely Eliminate Bed Bugs? 

Yes, that is possible most of the time. However, how soon the infestation is defeated depends on several factors and the main cases of bed bugs as discussed below:

  • Your Type of Home

If yours is a stand-alone home, it will be easy to defeat the bed bugs. They will not be occupying a lot of space and you can reach every corner with the treatment. For those living in a multi-family home, it is not going to be easy to fight the pests. The treatment has to be well coordinated to every section of your home to have better odds at beating the bugs at their game. 

  • Treatment Used

There are several treatments to use on bedbugs. Pesticides are the most common approach. However, some pesticides will not do a great job. You have to do more than one spraying session to completely remove the pests. Another popular method is heat treatment such as thermal remediation. This one is the most effective answer to flushing out bed bugs. In most cases, you only need a single heat treatment to get rid of the pests completely. Before getting this sort of treatment done, it’s important to know how to prepare your home for heat treatment to begin with. 

  • The Intensity of the Treatment

Treating the bed bugs casually is a big mistake. It may not get them out of their hideouts and the problem never goes away. The treatment has to be thorough. It means reaching every area of infestation. Remember that leaving even one bug will lead to a new infestation. You have to be thorough with the treatment if you hope to remove the bed bugs for good. 

  • The Severity of Original Infestation

It is no brainer that larger infestation will take longer before you can put it under control. If they spread widely, you will have a large area to treat. If the initial infestation is big, expect it to put up a tough fight to your treatment. On the flip side, small infestations will easily go out. You may only need one treatment and the infestation will be over. 

Monitor the Situation After Treatment

Do not relax just because you had the treatment. Keep your eyes open to see if there is another infestation. Taking action early will give you better chances to beat the new infestation. 

Bottom Line 

If you have been asking: can bed bugs be completely eliminated? The answer is a simple yes. You also know the factors that will affect how soon you can beat the infestation. With that knowledge, you are ready to fight any bedbug infestation and know how to get rid of them once and for all.