As any property owner will tell you, the most expensive component to repair of any building is the roof. Unfortunately, it has also become one usually one of the areas where you will find poor workmanship every now and then. As a result, it is has become important for property owners to be on the lookout for signs of a bad roofing job. In order to avoid numerous roofing issues in the future, including further repairs due to structural damage. With that said, the following is a list of some of the common signs of a bad roofing job:

Signs of a Bad Roofing Job


In most cases, a poor roofing job can be spotted easily by just looking at its outward appearance. The way it goes is that these visual signs will occur almost immediately after the job is completed or once a bad storm has passed. Highlighting some of these issues shortly after a roofing job, particularly if no major storms happened to come your way, can be a prime indicator that the contractor you hired did a shady job.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

In most cases, your roof will experience some shingle damage after a major storm. However, if your property happens to be the only home to incur such injury on your block, then the quality of your roof will have to come into question, especially if you just had repairs done on it recently. The good thing is that small sections of damaged or missing shingles can be easily replaced without having to repair the entire roof.

Stains or Spots

Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

One clear sign of a bad roofing job is the appearance of black stains or spots on your roof. This is because they usually occur because of leaks. As a result, you should inspect any such stains carefully after a roofing job and also check your attic in the affected areas to determine the extent of the leakage or any damage that may have resulted from it.

In some cases, isolated leaks, such as a skylight leak, can be fixed without having to replace the entire roof. However, if there happens to be extensive damage, including several spots where the grainy surface of your shingles have come off, then the problem could be much bigger and require substantial repair work, or even a totally new roof.


Usually, a roof will wear evenly along its individual sides, even if one of them happens to face into the weather, while the other away from it. As a result, it is important that you check for this after a roofing job to ensure that one side isn’t wearing out too fast. In case it is, then it could be the result of a poor roofing job.

To Summarize

A bad roofing job can end up costing you thousands of dollars if you are not careful. As a result, you should never cut corners when repairing your roof. If you are looking for signs of a bad roofing job, check for spots, stains, missing shingles, and the overall appearance of your roof.


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