A mantel is an architectural feature that is used to display valued ornaments like pictures to charm and enliven the room’s ambiance. Mantels bring life and memories to a room. But can you add a mantel to a brick fireplace? The answer is yes. Exciting solutions exist for how to install mantel on brick fireplaces.

A wood mantel on brick fireplace naturally stirs feelings of warmth, brightness, and togetherness. Other materials that can be used to install mantel on brick fireplace include stone, marble, and faux finishes. Read on for a comprehensive answer to the question “can you add a mantel to a brick fireplace?”

Can You Add A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace?
Can You Add A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace?

How To Install A Mantel On Brick Fireplace

The proper installation of a mantel on a fireplace is dependent on the craftsman’s skills and creativity. DIY enthusiasts can easily install mantels over the weekend by purchasing prefabricated mantel kits. The mantel can also be constructed to specification and installed with ease. A wooden mantel can be securely mounted to a brick fireplace in an afternoon using common hand-operated tools.

Wood designs are the most popular because of their natural decorative appeal and ability to blend with varying room ambiances. Stone is heavy when used as a mantel and requires good solid support. Marble on the other hand yields a smooth sleek elegance. Successful mantel installation is easy when innovative tools are used, provided the design and building were done to exacting specifications for how to mount a mantel.

How To Mount A Mantle On A Brick Fireplace

Proper mantel installation over a fireplace takes good consideration of the aesthetics and materials to be used. All activities are directed from the central position of the fireplace which is the focal point. The mantel stands 60” above the floor and a vertical central line is drawn at the center of the fireplace.

The work done must conform to building and fire safety regulations. As an example, a 6” deep mantel should be positioned 15” away from the top of the fireplace, and an 8” deep one has a clearance of 17” away.

The mantel is mounted with inbuilt support in the boards to shoulder the weight of the ornaments to be displayed on top of it. Half inch holes are drilled with masonry bits through the fireplace bricks and reaching the wall studs to correspond with similar drills, using a wood bit in the mantel mounting at 16” intervals.

Rebar rods or large screws are inserted into these half-inch holes to securely attach the wood mantel to the brick firewall. Careful taking and confirming of required mantel installation measurements must be observed. Leveling is equally important during the construction and installation with marks made on the brick and the bits for proper alignment as holes are drilled.

Can You Add A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace?
Can You Add A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace?

How To Attach A Mantel To Brick

Attaching a mantel to brick is achieved through masonry rods and construction adhesives. You will want to ensure proper height for placing a mantel over your fireplace/ A moderate amount of adhesive is squeezed into each of the holes and a half-inch rebar support rod tapped in using a two-pound hammer. The mantel is lifted into its wall position by aligning the holes to the support rods. The mantel is pushed back into the rods and against the bricks.

Secure attachment of a mantel to a brick fireplace is realized by tapping it in with a hammer and a scrap wood spacer. The installed wood mantel is used after observing the construction adhesive curing period.

So, can you add a mantel to a brick fireplace? The short answer is yes, using the techniques we have discussed above.

Is Having a Mantel Over Your Fireplace the Right Choice for You?

Whether the house you are living in now has a fireplace or the next house you are building will have one, will you be adding a mantel to add the right touch to your space? If so, the fireplace could help with any energy saving tips and the mantel can help with storage space for small decorations and photos. Happy building.